1. CALL MEETING TO ORDER: The April 4, 2019, Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Becky Fancher at 6:01 pm.


Becky Fancher, President – Present 

Jimmy Roberts, Vice President – Present 

Mike Russell, Member – Present 

3. PLEDGE/PRAYER: Council President Becky Fancher led with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a prayer.

4. MINUTES: Becky asked if there were any additions or corrections to the March 7, 2019 Minutes; there being none, minutes were approved as written

5. OLD ITEMS: a. Title VI/ADA Compliance – Each Council Member was given a copy our Title VI/ADA Compliance Letter in response to our lack of a Self-Evaluation. We committed to addressing the deficiency and have the self-evaluation portion implemented by July 1, 2019. b. Income Survey Update – Each Council Member was given a copy of a letter from Bob Smiley, PhD, summarizing the results of the Income Survey. The low and moderate-income group in the study was greater than the 51% required to qualify for the grant. c. Filter Plant/Water Tower Update – Mark indicated that everything is on track for this project and things are moving along. Becky added that we will be required to have an archaeological study completed and the cost of that study will be $5,400.00. Mark added that since we are a couple of years away from completing this project that he needs to look into different media for water treatment in order to maintain acceptable levels for required testing. He will be speaking with Jason from Adedge Water regarding some possible options.

6. NEW ITEMS: a. North Salem Rep – Hendricks County Area Plan Commission and Hendricks County Zoning Board. With Sonnie Johnston resigning her positions on both of these Boards effective May 1, 2019, we reached out to Rod Lasley, since he was on the Board of Zoning Appeals with Sonnie to see if he had suggestions for possible replacements. Rod suggested Brad Wilson or Ron Kneeland, and Jimmy Roberts suggested Leroy Smith. Beth will be in touch with them to find out if they are interested. b. Heavy Trash Pickup – Tammy let the Council know that this has been scheduled for April 30th and notices were included in the water bills this in March. April 4, 2019 minutes – page 2

7. REPORTS: a. Mark – Handouts were provided for the Council and 3 bids were presented for the Community Crossings Grant paving project. Wabash Valley came in with the lowest bid at $95,992.65, so Mark proposed that we accept their bid. Mike Russell made a motion to accept Wabash Valley and Jimmy Roberts seconded. b. NSPD – Marshal Berry’s report for March was presented for the record; there was no additional report because Marshal Berry was out of town. c. Council – None d. Harold Blake – None e. Clerk-Treasurer – None.

8. PUBLIC: None

9. ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:40 pm. The next Council Meeting will be May 2nd, at 6:00 pm. Attest:

Tammy Lasley Deputy Clerk-Treasurer