CALL MEETING TO ORDER: The August 1, 2019, Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Becky Fancher at 6:00 pm.

ROLL CALL: Becky Fancher, President – Present, Jimmy Roberts, Vice President – Present, Mike Russell, Member – Present

PLEDGE/PRAYER: Council President Becky Fancher led with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a prayer by Jimmy.

MINUTES: Because Mike Russell wasn’t in attendance during the July meeting, minutes could not be approved for June.  Therefore, Becky asked if there were any additions or corrections to the BZA minutes from June 6th; there being none, those minutes were approved as written.  Becky then asked if there were any additions or corrections to the June Board Meeting minutes; there being none, minutes were approved as written.  Becky then asked if there were any additions or corrections to the July minutes; there being none, minutes were approved as written.

OLD ITEMS: Title VI/ADA Compliance – Mark said that he and Kevin are working on this and should have done by September 1st.

 NEW ITEMS:2020 Salary Ordinance – After some discussion, Jimmy made a motion to pass as written; Becky seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

REPORTS:  Mark –  the mulch has been spread at the playground and it is pretty much done.  They have some painting to do and will also be putting up cameras and a security light.  Mark mentioned that it would be nice to have a mini shelter house next to the playground equipment with a picnic table underneath it for shade for the parents.  He will also be getting new tires put on the white truck.    

NSPD – Marshal Berry’s report for July was presented for the record; John let Council know that the he is still experiencing computer issues.  He would also like a notice to be included in the water bills this month regarding the kids riding bicycles, scooters, and skateboards in town during Old Fashion Days.  He has received the permit to close State Road 236.  Also, there is a new “plan” in place for the 5K 10K walk run during the festival if the road is not opened back up by then.

August 1, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes – page 2

Council – None

Harold Blake – Harold mentioned to the Council that it might be time to update our sign hanging above the Town Hall.  It is looking pretty tattered.

Clerk-Treasurer – None

PUBLIC: John spoke on behalf of Steve Clark who is in charge of the Car Show during Old Fashion Days.  He would like to utilize North Nebraska Street instead of South Nebraska Street for the Car Show this year.  Steve will go door to door and speak with the residents on North Nebraska.  Council unanimously approved.

Jay Thompson, Communications Advisory Board, was in attendance to give an update on the Communications Center. 

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:26 pm.  The next Council Meeting will be September 5th at 6:00 pm.

Attest: Beth Russell, Clerk-Treasurer