JULY 5, 2018


  2. The July 5, 2018, Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Rebecca Compton at 6:00 pm.
  4. Mike Russell, Vice President – Present       ______________________________________
  5. Jimmy Roberts, Member – Present            ______________________________________
  6. Rebecca Compton, President – Present      ______________________________________
  8. Council President Rebecca Compton led with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a prayer.
  10. Rebecca asked if there were any additions or corrections to the June minutes; there being none, minutes were approved as written.
  11. OLD ITEMS:
  • Spotlight of Town Ordinances – We will spotlight the golf cart ordinance in this month’s water bills.


  1. Water tower and Filter Plant – Mark visited two different plants this week – a gravity filter plant and a pressure filter plant. He will visit another plant sometime this month; still has a great deal of research he wants to do. He also mentioned that next year would be time to clean and repaint the water tower which will cost around $25,000.00. So that is an expense to think about as well.
  2. Sidewalk Replacement – There is one section of sidewalk remaining on the north side of Pearl Street. This will be done sometime this year.
  3. Park Ordinance 2018-3 – Jimmy made a motion to approve as written; Mike seconded; motion passed unanimously. Beth will advertise once in the Republican and the Flyer next week.
  4. 2019 Community Crossing Grant – The next round will open up in August and we will be applying again. There will be an informational meeting with INDOT on July 17th; Rebecca will attend and possibly Beth as well.
  5. Mowing – Mark is still mowing at the house on West Pearl Street; a lien has been placed on the property
  6. EMT\Firefighter Reception – it was decided that Rebecca and Beth would work on putting something together on this.




  1. INDOT Open House – Rebecca let Council know that she attended a meeting last month with INDOT in Crawfordsville and learned that INDOT has a paving project for State Road 236 scheduled for 2021.   She also stated that they informed her that there may be federal funds available to possibly complete a sidewalk project at the same time which led to her scheduling a meeting with Project Manager Steven Walls (item c below).
  2. Meeting with Steven Walls, Project Manager with INDOT – Rebecca, Mark, and Beth met with Steven Walls on Tuesday, July 3rd in the Town Hall to discuss the 2021 project. They are planning to put in ADA ramps with this paving projects as well as they will go 6 feet in on the side roads so we

July 5, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes – page 2


will want to keep this in mind for our future paving projects (to save some asphalt).   We also discussed the storm drains along State Road 236 and the fact that what is underneath the road is our responsibility. It was also stated that the cost of the state doing the sidewalks could be way more than the cost of us doing the project ourselves. In addition, the project manager for the bridge by the cemetery was in attendance and stated that his project of lowering the bridge will begin in 2019.

  1. DNR – Rebecca received an email from the DNR regarding the towns participation in the National Flood Insurance Program. There is a meeting scheduled for August 7th in the Hendricks County Government Center. Beth let everyone know that she has left a message with DNR to find out some additional information.
  1. Mark – None; Rebecca asked if he could look into replacing the bricks with concrete soon by the Post Office and by Perillo’s. She also asked him about the overgrown trees in the alley by her house and if he should trim them or the home owner should trim them. Mark said he would take care of trimming them. Also, there was discussion regarding the overhanging branches along Ladoga Road heading out of town as well as a few trees that need trimmed on North California Street by the Christian Church.
  2. NSPD – For the record, Rebecca presented the NSPD report for the month of June; John also let Council know that he has scheduled another Papa John’s Pizza day for July 17th from 4-8 pm in the Bank lot again.
  3. Council – Rebecca let all know that the Revitalization Committee will be holding another Ice Cream Social on August 12th from 1-4; flyers will go out in this month’s water bills.
  4. Harold Blake – Harold wanted us all to be aware of a new state statute regarding the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission with regards to new water or waste water utilities and the state’s waste water and drinking water revolving loan programs. This new statue went into effect July 1st.
  5. Clerk-Treasurer – Beth presented the Council with the 2019 Salary Ordinance. Nothing changed; Jimmy made a motion to approve as written; Mike seconded; motion passed unanimously.
  1. PUBLIC:
  2. Cody Cosby was in attendance to discuss his you tube channel and asked permission to film some short films in and around town. Rebecca let him know that as long as it was in good taste and that Marshal Berry and the Town Hall were aware of what and when he was filming. Bill Compton also thanked the town for the help with the very successful Strawberry Festival. Steve Clark was in attendance to ask the Council’s approval for blocking off South Nebraska Street for the Car Show during Old Fashion Days this year. It was suggested that Steve contact the individual home owners involved to let them know what is going on.
  4. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:55 pm. The next Council Meeting will be August 2nd at 6:00 pm.



Beth Russell