CALL MEETING TO ORDER:  The March 4, 2021 Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Becky Fancher at 6:00 pm.   Becky led with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a prayer from Marshal Kneeland.

ROLL CALL:  Becky Fancher, President – Present, Jimmy Roberts, Vice President – Present, Bill Compton, Member  – Present

MINUTES:  Becky asked if there were any additions or corrections to the February minutes.  There being none, the minutes were approved as written.

OLD ITEMS:  Filter Plant/Water Tower Project – Mark mentioned that they may be adding a plug in or hardwire for a generator if we ever purchase or rent one. Also, Phoenix will be coming in the next few weeks, but it needs to dry out a lot because it is muddy and very wet.  Mark also said that we will need to add at least two tri axles of stone to the drive.  In addition, Mark said that we had to repair a tile that was bad close to the project and he also shut off three lines by the Dollar General that he had no idea what they were.


REPORTS:  NSPD – Marshal Kneeland let Council know that he thinks the new radar sign is helping with speeding into town.  He has met with the staff of the Dollar General and obtained contact numbers.  He is also working on the radar signs;  Council Members – Jimmy mentioned the lights out downtown.  We now have four or five.  Mark was waiting on LED bulbs, but will go ahead and purchase light bulbs and put them in for now.  Jimmy also asked Ron to speak to his neighbors on Nebraska about speeding.  There was also discussion about adding a 25 MPH speed limit sign on Ladoga Avenue at the edge of the woods by the Baptist church as you are coming into town;  Harold Blake – Mentioned that the State is supposed to be getting a lot of money from the Government and to keep an eye out for emails that might mention that some of this money could be going to cities and towns;  Beth – Asked Harold and the Board if we could go back to collecting deposits from renters.  Harold said to put our thoughts in writing and he will do some research.

PUBLIC  Jay Thompson, Communications Advisory Board Member with the County, was in attendance.  He stated that they are thinking of encrypting radio transmissions.  He is against this and told them so.  They will be meeting in an Executive Session to discuss.  He will keep us posted;  Kristi Vaughn was in attendance on behalf of the North Salem Revitalization Committee.  They will be having a
“Color Fun Run” in conjunction with the Strawberry Festival Fathers’ Day Weekend.  Map My Run takes care of everything and absorbs all of the liability.  We will put flyers in the water bills in May.

ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:44 pm.  The next Council Meeting will be April 1st at 6:00 pm.

Attest: Beth Russell, Clerk-Treasurer