CALL MEETING TO ORDER: The May 7, 2020, Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Becky Fancher at 6:19 pm. 

ROLL CALL: Becky Fancher, President – Present, Jimmy Roberts, Vice President – Present, Mike Russell, Member – Present                       

MINUTES: Becky asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes of the March, 2020 Board meeting.  There being none, the minutes were approved as written.

OLD ITEMS: Heavy Trash Pickup – This did not go very well this year.  In the past, Ray’s charged a flat fee and picked up everything.  This year they raised the price tremendously and picked up much less.  Mark drove around town and noted that there was far less heavy trash than in years past and that Ray’s chose not to pick it all up.  We will re-evaluate this service for next year.

NEW ITEMS:Ordinance 2020-2 – Rate Increase July, 2020 – In order to proceed with our Water Treatment/Water Tower project, and qualify for a Bond Anticipation Note and State Revolving Fund Loan, we have to increase our water rates.  Becky introduced Ordinance 2020-2 which will be discussed at a Public Hearing on May 21st

Ordinance 2020-3 – Additional Rate Increase January, 2021.  Becky introduced Ordinance 2020-3 which will also be discussed at a Public Hearing on May 21st.

Amendment 2020-1(A) – Bond Anticipation Note Amendment – Jimmy moved to adopt Ordinance on first reading, Mike seconded; motion passed unanimously.  Jimmy moved to suspend the rules and consider Ordinance for adoption; Mike seconded; motion passed unanimously.  Jimmy moved to adopt Ordinance on final reading; Mike seconded; motion passed unanimously.  Beth will let Bond Attorney, Kimberly Blanchett, know.

Awarding of Contract Bid for Water Project – Becky stated that after having reviewed the two bids submitted for the Drinking Water Systems Improvement Project as well as the recommendation of our Project Engineers, RQAW, I hereby move that the Town award the project contract to Graves Construction Services, Inc., with the understanding that this contract award is entirely contingent upon 1) the passage of the Phase One and Phase Two water rate increase ordinances, 2) securing the necessary North Salem State Bank ;loan, and 3) securing the release of funds anticipated from OCRA; Mike seconded; motion passed unanimously. 

Jimmy then made the motion that upon the satisfaction or completion of all three contingences note in the motion to award the contract, Council President Rebecca Fancher be then authorized to execute any and all documents necessary in order to effectuate the commencement of construction.  Mike seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

REPORTS:  Mark –  let Council know that he will be replacing a sidewalk on North California Street as weather permits and also removing a tree in the alley behind L&F Heating and Cooling.

NSPD – None.

Council Members – None

Harold Blake – None

Beth – Farmer’s Market will begin May 21st.


ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6::45 pm.  The next Council Meeting will be June 4th at 6:00 pm.

Attest: Beth Russell, Clerk-Treasurer