OCTOBER 4, 2018


    2. The October 4, 2018, Council Meeting was called to order by Council Vice President Mike Russell at 6:00 pm.
    3. ROLL CALL:
    4. Mike Russell, Vice President – Present _________________________________
    5. Jimmy Roberts, Member – Present      _________________________________
    6. Rebecca Compton, President – Absent _________________________________
    8. Council Vice President Mike Russell led with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a prayer by Jimmy Roberts.
    9. MINUTES:
    10. Mike asked if there were any additions or corrections to the September minutes; there being none, minutes were approved as written.


  1. The 2019 budget was presented for adoption. No comments were made. Jimmy made a motion to adopt; Mike seconded.
  1. Ham and Bean Supper – October 27th – Beth and Rebecca met last month to go over plans and finalize a few things. Mark is having signs made to put out the week of event. These will be ones that do not have a date so we can use them each year.
  • Steven Walls, INDOT – Mr. Walls was in attendance to discuss the 2021 paving project that will be coming through town on 236.   There was discussion of the possibility of having sidewalk and curb work done at the same time. Mr. Walls stated that they would need a commitment from us for maybe $20,000-$25,000 to put towards this work. There is also the possibility of having to move a sidewalk, etc. After much discussion, it was decided that the Council will discuss further with Mark and Beth before a decision is made. Mr. Walls stated that they would need to know our plans by the first of the year.
  • Ordinance 2018-4. Beth explained this Ordinance which increases the meter surcharges a total of $4.50 each month to be put into effect January, 2019. Jimmy made a motion to approve; Mike seconded. Second reading will be in November.
  • Halloween- Trick or Treating will be October 31st from 6-8 pm.


October 4, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes – page 2


  2. Mark – Mark let the Council know that he had some trees trimmed on Ladoga Avenue as well as at the Park. We have several trees in town that need work, but a limited budget. He will pick the worst ones to take care of in this budget year.
  3. NSPD – For the record, Mike presented the NSPD report for the month of September.
  4. Council – None
  5. Harold Blake – None
  6. Clerk-Treasurer – None
  1. PUBLIC:
  2. Bill Compton wanted to remind and invite everyone to the North Salem Revitalization Committee’s Fall Festival this coming weekend.
  3. Jay Thompson was in attendance as a small town representative with the Hendricks County Communications Center. He is trying to establish a County wide bond to help purchase radios for the fire departments and police departments.
  4. Victoria Goodspeed was in attendance to discuss a side walk problem they are having around their kids bus stop. The kids are standing in water and mud after it rains. Mark will look at the area and possibility of adding some stone.
  5. Amanda Traut and Doug Frazier were in attendance to discuss the fund they have set up at the bank for donations for the North Salem Town Park playground equipment. They are very close to reaching their initial goal. The Council let them know that all proceeds from the Ham and Bean Supper would be donated to their fund.
  7. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:48 pm. The next Council Meeting will be November 1st at 6:00 pm.





Beth Russell