1. CALL MEETING TO ORDER:  The September 3, 2020 Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Becky Fancher at 6:00 pm.
  2. ROLL CALL:  Becky Fancher, President – Present, Jimmy Roberts, Vice President – Present, Mike Russell, Member – Present
  3. MINUTES:  Becky asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes of the August 6th Board Meeting.  There being none, the minutes were approved as written.
  4. PUBLIC MEETING – 2021 BUDGET: Beth joined the meeting via Zoom and let the council know that she attended her online budget workshop, everything looked good and we should be funded.  Mike Russell made a motion to accept, Becky Fancher seconded.  Budget Adoption will take place at the October 1 Board meeting.
  5. OLD ITEMS:  NuMedia Marketing Website Update – Beth let the Council know that she and Tammy met with Scott with NuMedia Marketing to preview the new website, and it looks great. Scott will be making a few additions and have it up and running soon, townofnorthsalem.org.
  6. NEW ITEMS:  a) State Revolving Fund Update – Becky was pleased to announce that The Town of North Salem will be receiving $1,010,000.00 in loan forgiveness, which is fantastic news! This means we will only have to borrow a small fraction of what we originally thought we had to.  b) Ordinance 2020-4 Proposed – This ordinance will REDUCE water rates to what they were before the increase that took effect on July 1, 2020. Becky Fancher made a motion to accept, Mike Russell seconded. Adoption will take place in October, the new rates will take effect with the October billing, and a letter announcing the good news will be sent out with the September bills.  c) Amendment – Bond Ordinance 2020-1(B) – Harold Blake introduced this amendment to the bond ordinance, since we only need about 1/3 of the amount bonded. Becky Fancher made a motion to accept, Mike Russell seconded.  Will be passed at the October Board meeting.  d) Interlocal Agreement between Township & Town regarding Fire Department – Harold Blake explained that neither the Town or Township has been able to locate a signed copy of the Interlocal Agreement that exists, which states what the Town and Township are responsible for in regards to the Eel River Township Fire Department. After some research, the Townships former attorney was able to locate a draft of the final agreement.  Harold and the council reviewed the agreement and agree it’s still good as written.  Tammy will provide Harold with updated names for a new document, which he will draft for signature at the October meeting.  The Township will approve this document during their September meeting and the Trustee can sign at the Town’s October meeting as well.
  7. REPORTS:  a) Mark – let Council know that we had a meeting with RQAW last week regarding our Asset Management Plan to discuss items we will need to take care of in the next 5-10 years for the filter plant and tower.  A grant was obtained to pay for the Asset Management Plan.  Kevin attended a meeting with EMA this week along with Becky, Ron and Beth that was a requirement regarding emergency response.  He also noted that he and Mark have been cleaning up alleyways and patching holes. b) NSPD – None. Becky let Ron know that he is doing a good job with patrolling, and residents have noticed the increased police presence in Town. c) Council Members – Jimmy asked Mark if he had taken a look at the trees on West Street that were in question. Mark stated that they are not the Town’s concern as they aren’t on Town property.  Mike stated that he noticed that all the street lights were getting changed. d) Harold Blake – None.  e) Beth – Asked Mark if Ray’s Trash picked up items on West Street that had been left behind.  Mark believes they did but will double check.
  8. PUBLIC  a) David Pyatt introduced himself, he is running for the School Board in the upcoming election.  He is working to meet people and get community support.  His main goal is to bring transparency and accountability that has been lacking with the current School Board.  He has 17 years experience being a police officer.  He will be available after the meeting for anyone with questions.  b) Jay Thompson with the Hendricks County Communications Center announced that they will be donating EMA controlled radios to the Fire Department.  c) Bill Compton asked if the Town gave the Christian Church’s Car Show over Labor Day weekend permission to use California Street.  The Council said they did not, however they believe the Car Show is taking place on private property and will not have cars on California Street.  Bill stated that Old Fashion Days has not sanctioned or endorsed the Car Show, or any other events that might be taking place over Labor Day Weekend.  Bill also wanted to make everyone aware that there will be a fundraiser at next week’s Farmer’s Market in honor of John Gregory and Jamieson Roberts.  John recently left his wife and daughter behind in his passing, and Jamieson is a local teen battling cancer at the moment. They will be taking a free-will offering for hamburgers and hotdogs, and all proceeds will be given to these two families to help with expenses.
  9. ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:40 pm.  The next Council Meeting will be October 1st at 6:00 pm.

Attest:  Tammy Lasley, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer